A completely free project

A completely free project

Rotarian District - RODI is a simple concept :

Give to the rotarians a modern and free solution to improve their actions.

The community has so decided to create an Open Source product based on volunteering. In addition to being fully in line with the Rotarian spirit and with the Four Questions, this solution ensures perennity to the project because it is supported by many developers who improve it every day.

We chose the LGPL Licence to protect RODI. It imposes a publication of source codes to the community if they are edited but also the free product !

Because of the product freedom, you can take steps with a third party to install the tools provided. However, we offer the totallity of the installation, the training but also hosting and support in exchange of a free donation to the Foundation. All of these operations will be executed by a Rotary Professionnal in order to assure performance !

RODI is composed of three different products :

  • a website for the District
  • a website for the Club
  • a mobile application.

 Our community of developpers is open to everyone and work every day to improve your RODI experience...

Three products for a whole range of features

Three products for a whole range of features

Whatever your position in the Rotary, RODI will be useful ! 

Are you a governor and do you want to manage easily your district ?
Are you an editor and do you want to write the Governor's Letter ?
Are you a club president and do you want to manage your club ?
Or maybe are you juste a member willing to see the list of news from your smartphone ?

Our project already have this feature !

Indeed, the project offers websites adapting to different screen formats (computer, tablet, telephone) and respecting the Rotary International graphic charter.

Every product have his own features like :

District management
  • Club and members management
  • Events management
  • Tax per capita management
  • Attendance tracking
Communication support
  • Governor's letter
  • Newsletters
  • Members and clubs directory
  • Diary management
  • Professionnal space

To see the complete list of features, click here !

DotNetNuke : a tool to meet your ambitions

It is no coincidence that we have chosen to use the CMS (Content Management System) which is one of the most efficient in the world. Indeed, it is itself OpenSource and is a very active project that is improving day by day! In addition, it establishes a system of permissions and roles that provides good security to the site.

All RODI modules are based on DNN which is offering a solid support to develop efficient tools and adapted to your needs. Finally, it uses Microsoft technology that we use every day. It is a very interesting tool because it allows us to develop and improve our features easily!

More informations about DNN : www.dnnsoftware.com


Rotary International member compatibility

RODI is now capable to import members from RI to simplify district and clubs management


Rodi Project : lift-off !

We are proud to announce that the Rodi Project is now launched ! All developpers from all over the world are welcome to improve it and make it better !

Si le projet vous intéresse, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter et à vous inscrire sur ce site !